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Though the use of standardized elements that are normalized it is available to lower the costs in a maximum way during the installation of different objects or buildings. Production of normalized elements for construction enables also increase of safety and effectiveness of construction. The usage of modern machines and devices causes elements to be made in a great quality and accuracy.

Briefly about technology
What is „GreMagor”?

System GreMagor is an unique and internationally patented solution. The system creates low-consuming heat energy constructions in an innovative way. The built is realized with special modules which consist into the idea of GregMagor system. Those modules consist of 40 – elements of different types and enable to construct almost every type of constructions.

What is unique?

The uniqueness of the solution stems from nearly 10 years of  research and development on the optimal solution and shape of the elements. The uniqueness of this has been confirmed by international patents: 20 2014 008 049.6, PCT / DE2014 / 000095 and PCT / DE2015 / 000470. The system from the beginning was designed to build houses the simplest way. Our technology distinguishes mass production of items that can be selected depending on the construction of the project. Serial production enables a very fast time deployment of constructions – when materials are ordered, installation time takes no more than a few days. Therefore, all standardized components allow buildings to be based on various architectural ideas. The skeleton structure is made up almost without the use of nails and screws. Standardized designed elements make the construction clean and not requiring any additional adjustments. This is what we call The Dry Construction. Delivery of all design elements to the construction site is easy and is carried out using a simple means of transport. This enables the delivery of complete buildings to virtually any point in the world. The construction of the walls allows the use of green materials, e.g. thermo-insulation in the form of pellets. The wall thickness allows for excellent heat transfer coefficient, and its structure is diffusion-open. The construction of walls and ceilings allows for easy placement of thermo-insulating material in one point, in all structures, e.g. by insufflation. Uniform open space complete floors, walls and ceilings eliminates thermal bridging. Mass production means that the system is inexpensive while maintaining excellent quality, which translates into low costs of construction. Installation does not require specialist qualifications. Due to the small size of the units, structures composed without the aid of cranes and hoists, and completely open space design allows for easy installation of all systems without interference in its structure. The entire structure, which the modules form a grid, is extremely stable and resistant to the effects of various forces of nature. The use of special technology and connecting beams, allows installation of ceilings and roof structures using lightweight components. GreMagor system adjusts the modules in terms of form, using his philosophy for the construction of residential and industrial buildings and structures for humanitarian purposes or temporary.     

What about our service?

We always try to adjust as needed. In the most basic mode, the service is the delivery of parts to build a house together with relevant assembly instructions – we prepare the manual for the construction. As a result, the main premise, home construction can proceed at own involvement or at involvement of the standard construction crew, which do not need any special expertise in the construction of modular homes. The cost is significantly less. Other options shall be negotiated in each case individually.

How long is the realization?

Model house with a living area of about 120 m2 may be implemented by four people (for example, adult family members or crew) is possible to made within 2-4 working days (shell, closed). With an experienced team, the current record is 1 day! Because the components are produced on a regular basis, we can accept orders almost immediately. Sometimes, when a large number of orders appear, the production process may be slightly longer. However, delivery time of the components shall not exceed three weeks. This means that the house in the raw state, closed, subject to prior preparation of the substrate in the form of a slab, can be completed in a maximum period of one month. When materials will be available “on hand” – even within a few days.

Benefits of the Investor

The use of GreMagor system in result generates significant savings in investment costs (to several tens of percent) and – above all – in the course of operation of the home. This results mainly from:

– Energy efficiency of buildings made in our system,

– A significant acceleration of the development and less involvement of staff,

– Single-pass process of thermo-insulation,

– Lack of necessity for employment of personnel specialized in the construction of modular homes,

– Simplicity of the solution that eliminates errors in progress,

– Predictability and timeliness of investment (no delays execution).

Further benefits

According to the art of performance of residential buildings, their interior should be protected from all sorts of atmospheric phenomena, which affects not only the cost of maintaining such a building, but mainly on the comfort of the owners. On the technical side, the whole task belongs to all divisions between, the residential part of the outer side of the building.

Such baffles are e.g.:

– The base, which most often is the foundation slab,

– The external walls,

– Ceilings between floors,

– Roof.

Protection against rain, snow or wind is a task nowadays relatively simple. However, to maintain within the expected and constant temperature is a challenge for many competitive solutions. This difficulty lies in the fact that the material high performance insulation does not have sufficient strength-design parameters. The so-called “thermal conductivity” is a feature of the material from which the given structure is made. Designers around the world are looking for solutions and such structures in which construction material would participate in the slightest in the internal structure of the building partitions.

The lower the ratio of surface area (in cm2) of the material of construction for the heat insulating material on one square meter baffle, the less heat loss. Our system is a structure that has an excellent ratio, which does not have at present no other system used in the World (96 cm2 per 10 000 cm2)

This means that the effect of thermal bridges has been marginalized almost to zero, and the owner of a residential building can enjoy a great comfort of use, as well as low cost heating.

Basic advantages

Energy-efficient buildings | Hinges | Simple transport | Easy folding design | The rate of receipt of the construction | Simplified work in setting up all installations | Partitions diffusion open | Healthy climate for the residents | Ecology and Environment | Durability and long life design | Long lasting value | Resistance structures (buildings) on the forces of nature such as earthquakes, strong wind, insolation and temperature changes

Technical details

Architects and planners all over the world for many years sought small and light as a universal building unit. This has been the designer of Polish origin, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Bielefeld. This system allows you to build various buildings and projects of various architectural ideas in a very simple way – like building houses with blocks known brand. The materials used for the production of ready-made modules are mainly wood and chipboard or modern wood-based materials. The whole structure needed to build a medium-sized house (approx. 120m2), fits one large truck (standard 40-foot containers to 19T).

Installation of the building of the modules takes place virtually without nails, screws, etc. Elements, and the premise is so simple that it does not require any specially qualified workers (this element is particularly important for exporting technology to eastern countries, where there is a shortage of such specialists). The building becomes at the same time so strong that it is resistant not only to the very strong wind, but even seismic and has been proven in studies conducted by the Institute in Bielefeld.

The modules are designed and coordinated so that you cannot go wrong with their installation. At the same time technology enables very fast assembly and disassembly, which allows the use of this system in various parts of the world, eg. after natural disasters, with different purposes, for example: for rent, medical, administration, etc. Superb system resistance to temperature variations and energy efficiency also allows use in areas with great temperature amplitude. The system contributes to high facilitate construction and reduce costs, because the structure of the walls is just the modules filled with insulating material and sheathing, without time-consuming, costly installation of additional insulation and other components. The form and shape of the modules, and therefore the whole structure of the walls allows very fast installation to all installations, and the use of renewable materials for thermal insulation in the form of granules, such as cellulose fibers or rock wool.

At the same time the structure of walls, floors and roof in the system, allows you to achieve a sensational heat transfer coefficient, which makes the building extremely energy-efficient and at the same time diffusion open. The system is designed so that at no point of the outer structure has any structural elements that could cause a risk of formation of thermal bridges. The whole building is one “thermal insulation”. Theoretically, in a single point thermal insulation can be pumped in form of granules in walls, floors and roof truss. This state of affairs is the fulfillment of the parameters of a passive house. While using the heating system for renewable fuel type “pellet” and the use of photovoltaic cells, it will be very close to obtaining the building self-sufficient in energy. As of today, this is definitely the best and most affordable for the general multifunctional building in the world.The innovative system GreMagor should be seen directly as an alternative to construction of wooden houses in other, classic systems.

This system can be used as self-assembly in the form of ordered component under taken by the customer decision to be filled already with the heat insulating components as well as the finishing mold. It can also be part of the process from project ordered until after realization of the whole project. The system can be successfully installed individually, on previously prepared surfaces, e.g. a flat concrete slab or adequately prepared foundations. The system is designed in such a way as to achieve maximum stability, and permanent connection with the ground it is also carried out in a simple manner.

The design preserves the specific skeletal structure, in which is possible to use a single pass thermal insulation. Installation of the system is carried out without nails, while imposing walls may require such. A process innovation is to streamline the architectural process (generating modular home design) and construction process (the skeleton of the house to self-assembly, without expertise, which shortens the process of building the skeleton). Innovation must be understood in two categories:

– The component that replaces the “brick”

– The approach to the assembly of finished parts.

It is as if to order a set of blocks that link together and allow to build whole structure. Of course innovation process is something more – mainly lies in the standardization process architecture and energy effectiveness. For example, a customer can “stock” order materials for its construction, unlike competing systems, which at this stage need to build components specially by the project, which lasts on average for up to several months. An order can be implemented immediately to self-assembly, transported in a fairly simple manner, depending on the declared size of the house. Additional insulation and streamlining the process of transition from a two-phase actions toward single-phase, shortens the process accordingly.

Installation from blocks

Houses are installed quickly, safely and easily. For each construction full instructions are included consistent with the design, which allows correct placement of elements.

Each item has a corresponding pattern, so installation is very simple and easy to identify in the field the module which should be used.

The offer

The possibility of ordering the same components | Supporting the construction process based on the system | Support for investors in using the system in order to reduce costs and improve the quality of services | Prices are negotiated individually depending on the type of construction