Unleash your imagination

Show us what kind of house you want to build, and we will enumerate your price – contact us


Below is an example of a house, which skeleton was build in nine hours in February, breaking the record of performance (See video on Youtube)

Price in our system is different depending on the vision of the customer. We are currently working on the preparation of several standard proposals, but it is important for us not to limit the imagination of the customer.

Prizes always include different variants of the house, based on a the standard EUco Customer wants to achieve. What is important, in our system design is always passive, which gives a huge advantage to traditional solutions.


Our example of a model home based on record-braking construction is like this, but the system allows you to design virtually any shape of the building – so always feel free to show us the concept for a dream home.

Dom przykładowy

Why do we talk about the different options?


– is possible to realize the raw state, which in our case is made skeleton – is a solution mainly for developers and people who have the potential of self-trim on the so-called. “Tinkering”
– possible to realize a raw state closed, along with the installations, due to differences in our system for the benefit of the customer in relation to classical systems (see: 70% faster construction)
– is possible to realize the developer state , which means finished-up floors, stairs, ready for finishing work before the move-in

Each of these steps is different in price per 1 m2, which is served individually, because it depends on the design of the building, its size, the type of energy efficiency, etc.