Frequently asked questions about GreMagor

The construction seems light, is it solid?

The construction is patented because it is light and very solid. It is a special grid and block construction. It is safe for strong wind, even earthquakes. We have tested this construction in Germany different ways. We are sure it is safe and solid.

But is only wood..

Wood constructions are as safe as from concrete. It is all a matter of a good project and keeping the constructions standards. The advantage is that it is ecologic and energy-saving. Our construction was made as a passive for passive houses since the beginning. Is it unique.

Is it difficult to burn it?

The construction wood has special certificates that make the construction safe. The construction wood is really hard to burn. The thermal insulation also has special certificates and is even harder to burn. It is all contained in legal regulations.


The construction is characterized by a very long durability. It is all because our construction “breathes” so the wood maintains in good condition for several decades.

What are the parameters of thermal insulation?

Our Partner Into-Ocieplenia uses different resources for thermal insulation, that keep the standards for passive houses. See the link with google translation.

Why so quick?

It is the whole “secret” of the system. It is a block system, that makes your ideas free: see the movies.

What is the difference in stages of the system?

The basic construction contains of the system with thermal insulation. But we can do more – finishing the whole house. It all depends on this if you want to “do it yourself” or buying the whole house based on construction of our system. Just send us a proposition of a project and we can calculate a price depending on what effect you want to have.

Why it is a good prize?

Because we have a serial production and the production is made in Poland. But it is all with good quality, certified in EU norms.

What is the key difference from the classic systems?


  • passive construction NF15-ready
  • ecological materials
  • quick and easy installation (up to 50% faster for the whole build)
  • lack of thermal bridges or minimized
  • resistant to wind, earthquakes (up to 6-7 deg.)
  • good sound silencing
  • easy transport
  • can be done in the “do it yourself” system
  • additional grants from the State in some countries for the NF15 construction