Welcome to the gallery!

Below you can find several most important moments for our company. First realization, record breaking, first prize in innovation and biggest made (yet) house for the customer. Thank you for being with us at these moments!


Realization of cutomer’s house in Kaczyce near Cieszyn

Realization made in November, 2016. Approx. 380 m2. We first used the technique of passive ceiling over the cellar to achieve passive floor.


National Chamber of Commerce: 1st prize for Cada Casa

Source: (Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza) and

KIG: Nagroda dla Cada Casa


Example house

Dom przykładowy


Building record!

The day of 6th of February was a historic moment for Cada Casa. We ended up with a record of 9-hour realization of the contruction in our system. It was made by a 4-people crew. You can see on the pictures:

  • chosen elements of the system
  • realization of the stages
  • the whole construction, examples of details