Meet our Partners


The Laboratory of Investment (Catmood)  – co-owner, financial investor of venture capital. Invests in interesting projects. The activity consists of investment shareholder capital (money) for the implementation of plans of entrepreneurs. The aim of the support is always a help in business development. The team supports merits in the field of business and administration. The company has invested 21 entities in excess of 10 million PLN.

Profesor Volker Schiermeyer along with the team. Cooperating on behalf of the Institute HSW-Ingenieure, helped validate the concept, prototype parts, as well as responsible for verification of the system with respect to several parameters, such as the resistance of the structure.

MagMart company, which worked with us in the context of long-term measures, many hundreds of prototypes. Due to the cooperation, company adopted the status of the main contractor of the company Cada Casa, with special support of the owner Mr. Romuald Buczkowski., with Grzegorz Sperczyński – helping to

AM Okna company – one of the best quality windows in low-energy systems. The company AM OKNA is a reliable and innovative polish windows and doors manufacturer. It is a family owned company founded in 2005 cooperating with clients very closely.

Into-ocieplenia – company specializes in thermal insulation in special systems. The type of blow-in insulation is appropriate for the system GreMagor that provides the correct parameters for a zeroenergy homes.

W. Lamprecht –  office of architectural projects

Enerbau – infrared heating systems with high effectiveness and low costs, which are designed especially for passive houses

Elektro – an experienced company in frames of electric installations. Company made installations Poland and several countries of Europe.

Marek Pietrzykowski (a building company) – a company that is located in Nawra. Huge experience and family-based history. A lot of content customers.

Dom-Vis P.H.U. – the company realizes plumbing services over Poland. Uses proper planning and cooperation among other companies in the building process.

Janpol Sp. z o.o. – We offer professional consulting services with respect to planning, cost assessment and implementation of projects accepted by the company. We operate in the entire territory of Poland, as well as Germany and the Netherlands. We cooperate with leading manufacturers: OEM Solar, Euro Panels, Florian, ECO Technologies. We hold the necessary certificates, which make it possible to claim subsidies from The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFEP&WM).

FIBRIS SA – a company producing facade and construction boards. Experienced since 2004. Year to year implementing innovations.