People behind the project

In the Partners section one can check what are our relations with the market. We have selected Partners, that support the project. But what is the most important in management are people responsible for the entire project. The system was constructed during 10 years of prototyping, research and development. All the steps realized were focused on the pre-commercialization phase, which was the patent and establishment of a company. Now, people are engaged in Cada Casa that realizes the Idea.

The Head of the company, the owner, constructor and CEO of Cada Casa – Grzegorz Stelmaszczyk:

Stelmaszczyk Grzegorz GreMagor Cada Casa

Bio: Multi-year experience. Specializes in wood constructions and modern technologies concerning it. Had a lot of companies several years ago but now focused only on Cada Casa, naming the project as his “baby”. Experienced in USA and Germany, not only in Poland.

Responsible for production: Romuald Buczkowski, owner of Mag-Mart, one of the head Partners of the project:

Romuald Buczkowski

Bio: Owner of Mag-Mart, main production Partner of Cada Casa. During last 3 years supported Mr Stelmaszczyk in pre-commercialization.

Those three team members are the core of the company. However, many other people are engaged in the life of Cada Casa, supporting it with passion.

Cada Casa Team