Ready for NF15 and NF40

Get a grant for house

Due to the EU directive until 2021 all the building must be at least energy-saving (NF40 standard).

What is it in practice? NF 15 and NF 40 standards characterize with very low costs of energy:

NF15 – takes only 15 kWh per 1m2 a year.

NF40 – takes only 40 kWh per 1m2 a year.

It means that in a NF15 standard, for a 100m2 house it takes only 1500 kWh a year to heat it up in conditions characteristic for the North-Eastern Europe (cold winter, hot summer). It is mostly 5-6 times less than in traditional house made in classic technologies.

Accepted will be houses consuming energy not more than NF40.

Our construction GreMagor, despite the options of other technologies like windows, doors and roof will always be NF15-ready.

In Poland, you can take extra money for chosing the ecologic and energysaving technology, while building your house, which is:

Obecnie Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki wodnej oferuje dopłaty do kredytu, odpowiednio:

For the NF15 standard – 50 000 PLN Gross

For the NF40 standard – 30 000 PLN Gross

Probably, you can take extra money also in your country. Check if there are options to save money due to good quality and ecologic technology choice. Please check-out opportunities like the Green Deal.

We have also options for just married! – contact us.