Why GreMagor?

Why we are sooo good!

Almost any project compatible

The whole process is organized

Only EU certified materials

The whole system, the whole idea – to be the passive system since the beginning

EU regulations compatible for energy-saving houses

Support of specialists


Almost any project

Our system is compatible with almost any project of house. GreMagor is not a typical modular system, it is more like block to build anything that imagination tells. Please, see the movies to feel it.

The whole process is organized

You don’t know how to build a house? No problem. Just tell us what you dream of and we will help you.

Only certified materials

Wood that is for building process has to have special certificates that confirm it is safe and durable. We use only this type of wood, additionally with superb quality.

Passive system

Our technology is patented (Patents np. 0 2014 008 049.6, PCT/DE2014/000095 and PCT/DE2015/000470). It was made to be passive since the beginning – even if you use cheaper technologies for windows, roof, doors, our cnstruction still stands with the passive standard itself.

EU regulations compatible

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