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Learn the benefits of GreMagor


Nowadays more and more attention is paid to energy efficiency of homes. Why? because the houses are built usually at least several decades, during which there are maintenance costs. Buildings in our system provide even several times less heat loss than with traditional solutions, which significantly affects the annual costs of maintaining the house. By using appropriate technology, it is possible to actually build the “zero energy” house that does not need additional energy resources for its maintenance. In a word, you save money.

Accelerate your build

Did you know that GreMagor system is produced on an ongoing basis and serially? This means that each of the “building blocks” are available according to your needs and design. Model house with a living area of about 120 m2, implemented by four people crew is possible to bring in 2-4 days. Model house with an area of 80m2 was put in 1 day. Because the components are produced on a regular basis, we can accept orders almost immediately. Sometimes, when a large number of orders comes, the production process may be slightly longer. Delivery time of the components should not exceed three weeks. This means that the house in the raw state, subject to prior preparation of the substrate in the form of a slab, can be completed in a maximum period of one month. When materials will be available “on hand” even within a few days.

Thermal insulation

The system is saving energy because of its construction. Further, the design allows the use of unique features – like the special “rear” window, which prevents heat from escaping. In addition, during construction insulation can be installed in one pass. What does it mean? It can be added at the production stage or used when the constructing is still open saving you time and money.

What about the building crew?

Many systems require to hire a special installation team, which is responsible for the implementation of the system. Our system can be implemented stand-alone, based on the enclosed instructions. The system is designed to use building blocks” due the project quite easly.


Our system creates a special “gridthrough which acquires excellent design strength parameters primarily wind, or shocks. In laboratory tests, our design withstand an earthquake of 7-8 on the Richter scale!


Our system is designed to transport its components in parts, and to fit well within the 40-foot containers, which is the most popular mode of transport in the World for long distances. An example of a house with an area of living approximately 120 m2, is fits in one container. You save money on transport.


Wood is a renewable material. Was used to build houses for centuries. They were solid structures, but very expensive. Why not use modern solutions, which also will be organic? The solution for this is to use the GreMagor system.